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What is a CDO and how to hire someone for this position


What is a CDO and how to hire someone for this position

Posted Date : Mar 13/Admin

A CDO is someone that's considered to be a chief digital officer. This individual is a manager in a leadership position that delivers both consumer and digital knowledge for marketing/consumer interaction and brand influence.

Companies are using digital tools and making sure that they are on trend with all of the latest in digital technology can sometimes be a challenge. 60% of companies today are employing someone in a chief digital officer role. The person responsible for this role will have to oversee the entire digital profile the company and basically serve as a digital CEO. While traditional ceo’s are in charge of the day-to-day operation and the physical business, a chief digital officer is someone that handles every aspect of brand management and representation online.

CDO’s today will be responsible for aligning their business with the latest in digital trends as well as the outcry of new customer needs based off of new technology. This can mean creating initiatives for new customer service lines, offering support for cryptocurrency, developing VR ad campaigns and other trending ideas.

CDO’s are often well-rounded technologists, expert researchers and well-versed in the corporate culture and previous marketing history of the company. It can be difficult to find someone with such well-rounded expertise but the most successful leaders can create ongoing and driving change for a company in a digital space.

When it comes to hiring the best type of CDO, it's important to verify their past experience on every one of these platforms. This can often take time and hiring a CDO can often be just as painstaking a process is hiring an upper-level manager or CEO.
Working with the right staffing agency can help to make sure that hiring a CDO can be done in a smooth process. Even if you are hiring within, it's a good idea to consider comparing applicants from a few different sources to see which one could deliver the best support for your company as a qualified CDO.

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