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Executive Search

  • Executive Search

    The Human Resources Department is responsible for internal talent searches in most organizations, but Staffing Serve can help here as well. When a business decides to outsource their executive search, Staffing Serve helps them acquire the best candidate for any position.

    We recognize that the fundamentals required from fulltime employees are vastly different from temporary contractors, and we have ensured that our recruiting engine can easily manage this search. This is where our recruiting team needs your help, since they will need information about the following, to ensure that they find the right candidate. They need to:

    •    Understand the direct hire position
    •    Understand the business environment
    •    Benefits offered by the business
    •    Expectations of business
    •    Industry knowledge of the client
    •    Familiarize with the region of the position (i.e. commuting requirement, competitive salary offerings, etc.)

    Businesses acquire the services of Staffing Serve for direct hire positions, which eases the burden on their internal resources.

    Get in touch with Staffing Serve for all your direct hire needs.