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Healthcare IT

  • Healthcare IT

    Here at Staffing Serve we offer the leading Healthcare IT services. We can do so, because we understand that the healthcare landscape is forever changing, and that is why we are always prepared for it. We can help you meet the new state and federal requirements, and adapt to major software developments. Our consultants will help maximize the cost-effectiveness and efficiencies of your systems, which will give you the edge to become a leader in the new healthcare environment.

  • Healthcare Administration Systems

    ● TriZetto’s Facets and QNXT

    ● Diamond

    ● PowerMHS

    ● AMISYS

  • Healthcare IT

    • Health Data Management 

    • EHR

    • ICD-10/11

    • Cloud Technology

    • Healthcare Informatic

    • Data Analytics

    • Medical Record And Health Information Technician

    • Healthcare Business Analytics And Consultant