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  • Telecommunication

    Staffing Serve Telecommunications staffing offers highly-trained, and professional contingent workers for the leading telecommunications content providers, manufacturers, and operators in the world. Our exceptional staffing options can support different segments found in the telecommunications industry,which includes:




    Integrated carriers

    The Telecommunications Staffing department at Staffing Serve has delivered quality technical support to some of the biggest wireless operators located in Northern America. We have also worked with major access technologies (which includes: LTE, GSM, EDGE, CDMA, EV-DO, HSPA, and WiMAX).

  • Network Operation

    ● Network Engineer

    ● Switch Engineer

    ● Test Engineer

    ● Principal Test Engineer

    ● Network Analyst

    ● Network Operations Technician

    ● IP Engineer

    ● Technology Analyst

    ● Technology Specialist

    ● Project Manager

    ● Data Security Analyst

    ● Security Engineer

    ● Network Design Engineer

    ● Transport Engineer

    ● Transmission Engineer

    ● RF Engineer

    ● LTE Design Engineer

    ● Program Manager

    ● Project Manager

    ● Project Coordinator

    ● Systems Engineer

    ● Technical Architect

  • Installation

    ● Installation/ Field Technician

    ● Installation Supervisor

    ● OSP/ISP Engineer & Technicians

    ● Optical Engineer

    ● Switch Technician

    ● Site Development Engineer

    ● Telephone Technician

    ● Data Systems Technician

    ● Wireless Systems Technician

    ● Structured Wiring Technician

    ● Supervisor

    ● PBX Technician/ PBX Engineer